PROMISE JOBS, “Promoting Independence and Self Sufficiency through Employment,” is Iowa’s TANF Employment & Training program designed to assist cash assistance recipients to become self-sufficient through participation in work ready activities. Program participants will develop an individualized Employment Plan outlining work ready activities in order to reach their individualized goals and reduce their dependency on the welfare support systems. A number of work ready activities are available to PROMISE JOBS participants, including:

  • Assessments – Aptitudes and interest inventories are used to help participants determine their best route toward meeting their individual goals.
  • Life Skills – Workshops covering money management, self-esteem, housing information, nutrition, parenting information, identifying personal goals, etc.
  • Job Seeking and Skills Training – Workshops covering interviewing techniques, résumés, completing job applications, career exploration, networking, building skills and other work search information.
  • Job Search/Job Coaching – Expanding and capitalizing on job search techniques in order to obtain employment with a livable wage.
  • Employment & Community Service Opportunities – Obtaining/retaining full/part-time employment through unsubsidized employment, subsidized employment, self-employment, work experience, and/or community service opportunities to build and expand experiences and skills.
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities – Education, training and employment option available to job seekers wanting to earn a wage while receiving specialized training in a skilled profession.
  • Basic Education – Includes assistance with covering the costs and supportive assistance in order to obtain their high school diploma, HiSET (formerly known as GED) certificate, adult basic education, and English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) to open doors to opportunities that provide sustainable earnings.
  • Post-Secondary Classroom Training – Includes assistance with academic and vocational training and certification to prepare participants for careers that are in high demand.
  • Parenting Skills – Classes that provide parents resources and techniques to adapt to demands parenting requires.
  • Family Development Services – Supportive services to assist with addressing and overcoming the challenges and obstacles family and work place on participants.
  • Family Planning Services – Classes that provide the resources to gain a better understanding on financial and social impacts of raising a family.

Additional information on work ready activities and services can be found at the local One-Stop office.

Supportive services are offered to program participants as they prepare to become work ready individuals. Services may include: transportation assistance, childcare, housing assistance, tuition/books, work related licensing, assistance with interviewing and work uniforms. Each local area has a network of community resources and supportive services.

Family Development Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS) program partners with PROMISE JOBS to assist families build on their strengths, make connections to local resources, identify priorities, set goals and celebrate successes. For additional information and locations visit the FaDSS site  

For more information on how to qualify for PROMISE JOBS or to apply, please visit the Iowa Department of Human Services site.